Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Buying For The Portfolio As Markets Remain Weak

We added CapitaMall Trust to our holdings today on general market weakness (3 lots at $1.73). We estimate that the annual dividend yield of 5.5% (based on $0.095 p.a.) is sustainable, and that rate has potential to expand as J-Cube completes and begins contributing to the trust. The recent acquisition of Illuma looks like a shrewd move - The mall's full potential was not being realised by the previous owners (thus they were selling relatively cheap), and CapitaMall's management should be able to ride on synergy between Bugis Junction and Illuma.

Recall that we sold CapitaMall Trust in July 2010 on the basis that a 4.5% yield was not a sufficient reward for holding the stock, despite the trust holding many prime assets. The stock has since corrected almost 15%, with the running yield now about 5.5%, 100bps higher than when we sold it.

We also added to Wells Fargo (50 shares, US$30.75) as the stock was slumping even as the broader market rose. There was no apparent reason for the sell-off, and with more clarity on the stock's ability to pay dividends soon to come, there could be some upside potential in the near-term. Nevertheless, the longer-term prospects for the bank continue to look bright, and we believe that the stock could trade nearer the $45-$50 range once bright sunny skies are upon us once again.

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