Friday, January 21, 2011

More selling from the portfolio: Time to weed out "junk"?

We sold our small position in Courage Marine on 18 Jan (18 lots at $0.215), following the sudden spike in the stock. The previous day, the company announced that it had plans to list in Hong Kong, which would improve liquidity and branding. While we still think that the company holds decent value, we remain cautious on holding "junk" in our portfolio for the longer term, and we see the rapid move in the stock price as a good opportunity to monetise our position and lock in profits.

We do not have a terribly optimistic outlook on the BDI; the measure has remained depressed by the weak global trade outlook, while the floods in Queensland will weigh on dry-bulk rates for some time. Coupled with the high price of crude oil, we think that dry-bulk shippers like Courage Marine will have to depend largely on prudent cost management for profit. While the company remains one of the most prudently-financed shipping companies available for investment, we have decided to take profits and raise our cash level to above 20% of the portfolio.

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