Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Foreclosed Homeowners Break Into Former Home

CNBC.com Article: Foreclosed Homeowners Break Into Former Home

The investors sold the home, but before the new owner could move in, the Earls had the locks changed and moved back in themselves. "Why should we lay down?" she says her husband asked her. "We need to fight back."

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Foreclosure woes have hit US bank stocks (and notably our holding in WFC) as investors worry that banks will have problems evicting homeowners due to a lack of proper paperwork.

It appears ridiculous that some homeowners believe they should be allowed to stay in their homes after failing to service their mortgages, on the basis of legal technicalities. If the courts ultimately rule that banks cannot foreclose the majority of properties due to improper paperwork, we may be looking at mass mayhem. Why should anyone pay their mortgages then?

More likely, some punitive action will be taken on improper bank practices. People who have borrowed money to buy a home MUST service their mortgage; there is no free lunch here 

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