Friday, March 19, 2010

Hotung - Tai Lung Capital increases holdings

Tai Lung Capital purchased 2,438,000 shares on the 17th and 18th of March at US$0.12 apiece (Tai Lung Capital is the founding Huang family's investment company), the second major purchase by Tai Lung Capital this month. Earlier on March 11 and March 12, the Huang's investment company purchased 3,000,000 shares on the market at an average cost of US$0.1183 per share.

This brings the Huang family's deemed interest in Hotung to 15.62%, or 172,893,979 shares. This includes (1) 147,888,008 shares held by Tai Lung Capital Inc. (2) 18,944,774 shares held by Chung Lung Investment Co., Ltd. (3) 6,061,197 shares held by Mr. Chin-Wei Chen (the husband of Tsui-Hui Huang, the Chairwoman). 

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